Selected videos:

Director: Ugo Mangin
Creative Director: Shalini Kellinghaus
Executive Producers: Annette Fausboll & Jean-Alexandre Luciani
Editor: Tianes Montasser
Colorist: Mathieu Capplanne
Post Producer: Maxime Dabel
Production Company: Moonduckling Films
Post production: NightShift

House Of Travel
Prod. Co : Exit Films
Director : Kiku Ohe
Producer: Vivienne Jaspers
1st AC Anthony Pawley
2nd AC: Rhys Nicholson
Underwater: Lee Kelly

Camera rental Australia: Southern Cross Cameras

Director: Marco Gentile RSA Films
Producer: Alaa Dafrawy

London, Knife Free
Director: James Burns

SKOTT / glitter and gloss
Director: Zhang + Knight
Production Company - Agile Films
Executive Producer - Katie Lambert
Cinematographer - Joe Cook
Producer - Ria Hanish-Oakes
Ukraine Production Team - 23/32 Films, Dasha Deriagina
First AD - Dima Hasanov
Colourist - Philip Hambi at MPC
Editor - Jean-Philippe Blunt
VFX - Liam Zhang
Produced by 23/32 Films

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